More NHL Expansion?! Who Would Be the New Rivals in the Pacific?

Rumblings have emerged about potential NHL expansion. Who would be Vegas's new division rivals? What would the new landscape look like?

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There have been quiet rumblings about potential NHL expansion. It's something the Vegas Golden Knights know well, who went on a historic run in their inaugural year. Part of that has come from Kevin Weekes, who has stirred the pot.

These rumblings have given new life to more cities to the thought of more North American hockey. But when is expansion too much?

That being said, let's set the limit for the NHL. 40 teams altogether, with 20 per conference, makes sense. There isn't a relegation system in place... yet. That might be something the NHL will look into in the future.

With that, it's time to expand our horizons and add more hypothetical teams to the National Hockey League. Let's tap into our inner Gary Bettman and see which cities will get teams and who will be Vegas's rivals.