Losing Jonathan Marchessault hurts

With the Vegas Golden Knights and Jonathan Marchessault not agreeing to a new deal, he's set to test free agency.
Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks
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Parting is such sweet sorrow for Golden Knights fans

It's going to be a rough week for Golden Knights fans dealing with one of their favorite players leaving. A town that didn't have a sports team until 2017 suddenly has one who could've been a franchise player will mourn. This loss will especially hurt because that piece was an essential part of the 2023 Stanley Cup run, winning the Conn Smythe. It's part of a cruel business with no heart, a concept that Kelly McCrimmon knows all too well.

However, life goes on and things change. Whether Marchessault heads to New Jersey, Nashville, or another unnamed team, it'll be a warm welcome for a revered "Golden Misfit" who made an impact. The memories will still be there, along with that 2023 Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe. That's something the universe can't take from fans.

So let's celebrate the good times with the beloved "Misfit" and honor his contributions. He was essential in building the franchise into what it is today, turning it into a bona fide powerhouse. Here's to you, Jonathan Marchessault. You were a key factor into making Vegas hockey a part of the city.