Losing Jonathan Marchessault hurts

With the Vegas Golden Knights and Jonathan Marchessault not agreeing to a new deal, he's set to test free agency.
Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks
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Jonathan Marchessault became an essential part of the Las Vegas community

Some players positively impact a city in more ways than one. Their impact goes beyond mere stats on a sheet: they give back to the community and help others. They do this as a "thank you" of sorts, showing appreciation to the city that helped them get to the top. Jonathan Marchessault is one of those players, for he became a staple of Las Vegas through various means.

He participated in Battle for Vegas, an event started by fellow "Golden Misfit," Reilly Smith. In 2019, he played for the Golden Knights team against the Raiders. Granted, it was the only year where he participated in the event. However, that wasn't the only charitable work the winger has done in Las Vegas.

Marchessault also helped get 164 abandoned Pomeranians adopted at the Animal Foundation in 2017. Along with fellow Vegas Golden Knights players including Nate Schmidt and Marc-Andre Fleury, the "Misfit" group helped some little dogs find new loving homes. Without Marchessault, Las Vegas loses a charitable player who puts everything into the community.