Looking at NHL Draft prospect Andrew Basha

Don't "Bash-a" the idea of drafting Andrew Basha, Vegas Golden Knights fans. Here's why the forward can be a good fit for the team.
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2 / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages
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How Andrew Basha fits with the Vegas Golden Knights

Andrew Basha is well-known for basing his game on all-around quickness. That's how he's etched his name with the Medicine Hat Tigers and helped them become regular playoff contenders. However, there's more to the Calgary native's game than simply zipping around the ice.

The 18-year-old also has a great hockey IQ, being able to read the play before it happens. If he doesn't have the puck, he'll seek a spot where he can set up his next shot or pass, moving and creating that play. The left winger also responds to his environment well, making him a more lucrative NHL Draft pick.

However, Basha must learn to do this on a regular basis. There are times where he can be lost and disengage from the play. That can be problematic for a team like the Vegas Golden Knights, who are constantly moving up and down the ice.

Also, he can be more physical on the ice. The Golden Knights have some talented players on their team that don't need physicality. Adding more can shift them away from their forecheck identity. Therefore, Basha must adapt to Vegas's strategy quickly if he's drafted.