Looking at NHL Draft prospect Andrew Basha

Don't "Bash-a" the idea of drafting Andrew Basha, Vegas Golden Knights fans. Here's why the forward can be a good fit for the team.
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2
Medicine Hat Tigers v Winnipeg Ice - Game 2 / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages
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Puns are becoming more popular today thanks to the rise of "Dad Jokes." Everyone loves to have a little lighthearted fun with words, lightening up the mood for everyone involved. One draft prospect can also lighten the mood for an NHL team, helping them shine bright: Andrew Basha. Make what you will of Basha, but there are a couple of "Dad Jokes" to be had with this. For example, don't "Bash-a" the idea of drafting the young prospect, for it could help them in the future.

Okay, so maybe it doesn't work out as it should. But "Dad Jokes" are on its way up. Another topic that's rising is Basha as an NHL Draft prospect. Having a quick forward coming up the ranks is always good, for there are many ways the Vegas Golden Knights can develop him (if selected with the 19th pick, of course). The possibility of making him into a breakaway threat or a player who gets many scoring opportunities makes for an attractive pick.

With a sea of possible picks at the 19th overall spot, could the Medicine Hat star be the right fit? Or could he "Bash-a" any hope of the Golden Knights and their plans? It's something that fans shouldn't put the "ka-Bash-a" on, although there are other picks that may "Bash-a" the competition.

But enough about the puns and "Dad Jokes" and let's look into what makes Andrew Basha good for Vegas. With the team looking to add NHL-ready forward talent, the young left winger can be the right fit. Here's a look at what Basha can offer the team and what he can improve. No "Dad Jokes" the rest of the way, though. That's a promise (don't "Bash-a" me, please!).

Andrew Basha's profile

As far as NHL Draft prospects go, Andrew Basha has made his living on quickness and speed. Flying up and down the ice makes being a scoring threat easy, especially at his young age (18). His profile with the Medicine Hat Tigers shows it, where he has 55 goals and 100 assists in three seasons with the WHL team.

He also made an incredible impact with the Calgary Royals during his AMBHL days (U15 AAA), scoring 24 goals and 33 assists in 33 games (2019-20). All that in a single season shows what he can do as a playmaker in the NHL.

As for his vitals, Basha stands 6'0" and weighs 185 lbs. The 18-year-old comes from Calgary and has a left-handed shot. His youth team was Glenlake MHA and he was also named a part of the WHL (Central) second all-star team. For prospecting teams like the Vegas Golden Knights, having a quick playmaker like the Medicine Hat star can immediately help an NHL team.

But other aspects make Basha a promising prospect. After all, speed alone doesn't make an NHL player great, for it can only get you so far. Here's how he can "Bash-a" the competition with his offensive prowess (okay, no more puns after this).