Looking at draft prospect Ryder Ritchie

Could Ryder Ritchie be a piece the Vegas Golden Knights are looking for? Here's a look at his draft profile.
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3. The verdict on Ryder Ritchie

Ryder Ritchie has the potential to develop into a middle-of-the-lineup player. He has the skills to become an important offensive player for the Vegas Golden Knights if he's selected. He can come at opposing defenders with a head of steam, making him a tough matchup. The 17-year-old is good from long distance, where he fires his hard shot at the net without any issues.

However, he'll be a project for the Golden Knights if selected with the 19th overall pick. Ritchie must learn to put it all together to become a key component of the Golden Knights lineup. That includes better play off the puck and becoming more comfortable in front of the net. He must also develop himself within the checking lanes, making his presence felt along the boards.

If he can add some size and develop his skills over time, the Golden Knights will be rewarded with Ritchie as the 19th overall pick. However, there might be more viable options in the NHL Draft, where Kelly McCrimmon might not have the patience to develop a player. That's partly why they've traded a majority of their first-round picks, for the Golden Knights are in win-now mode.