Looking at draft prospect Ryder Ritchie

Could Ryder Ritchie be a piece the Vegas Golden Knights are looking for? Here's a look at his draft profile.
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2. How Ritchie fits with the Vegas Golden Knights

Despite not being the biggest player, Ryder Ritchie plays a similar style to how the Vegas Golden Knights play. He likes to control the tempo at his pace, which Bruce Cassidy loves to see. With solid puck possession and quickness, he can become a tough matchup for opposing defenders.

Ritchie's smaller frame allows him to maneuver through defenses flawlessly, making him a threat. His shot comes hard and fast, with defenders and goalies in the line of fire. That also comes with good puckhandling technique and skill, where he thrives offensively.

However, he must be better off the puck and become more reliable away. He tends to act as a bystander in the play rather than fight for the puck. That can become problematic for the Vegas Golden Knights, for they pride themselves on constantly playing a 200-ft. game. Ritchie must also become more adaptable, seeing the play develop and making sound judgments.

Ritchie will be a project for the Golden Knights. He must develop his raw skills and start developing himself off the puck. That starts with working on his presence in the checking lanes and not telegraphing his actions. That way, he can become a key contributor for Vegas.