Looking at draft prospect Michael Hage

The Vegas Golden Knights hold the 19th pick in the NHL Draft. They must stock up on young talent, which is where Michael Hage comes in.
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2. How Hage fits with the Vegas Golden Knights

For one, Michael Hage's offensive capabilities are solid. His playmaking abilities are tough to defend, making him a threat to score. The 18-year-old has the potential to play on the second line, acting as an important offensive piece for the Vegas Golden Knights. For a team void of any forward depth, he can develop into a key component on the Golden Knights offensively.

But there are a few things the forward can do to improve his game. For one, he can improve his defensive game and put his body on the line every play. Whether it's battling for every puck or blocking shots, he must become involved more in the hockey game. Head coach Bruce Cassidy loves forwards that play a 200-ft. game, which Hage can become if he can improve his defense.

That also coincides with becoming bigger and more physical. Ivan Barbashev threads this needle perfectly, laying out hits on the ice while coming up with breakaways. Being physical and creating numerous scoring opportunities has earned him the distinction of being on the first line with Jack Eichel. For Hage, adding some mass and improving his physicality can make him a more dynamic player. That's especially true on the forecheck, which is where the Golden Knights forge their identity.