Looking at draft prospect Michael Hage

The Vegas Golden Knights hold the 19th pick in the NHL Draft. They must stock up on young talent, which is where Michael Hage comes in.
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1. Michael Hage's Profile

Michael Hage isn't the biggest player on the ice. He stands at 6'1" and weighs in at 190 lbs., making him lean and mean. But other qualities make him stand out, including his speed, intelligence, and agility. Hage can easily dodge defenders and break away, setting himself up for prime scoring opportunities. In essence, he's a lighter Ivan Barbashev, only he's trading physicality for speed.

With his speed comes a knack for skating, making his breakout ability even deadlier. With his puck control and hands, he can become an offensive force on the Vegas Golden Knights. The 18-year-old uses his intelligence to fool opposing goaltenders, deceiving them with various shot types.

Pavel Dorofeyev is a similar player, being a quick, offensive force. He had a breakout year for the Golden Knights, scoring 13 goals this regular season. How so? By having excellent puck control and using ridiculous moves to fool defenders. Hage has the potential to do the same, creating havoc through the neutral zone with his hands and speed.

Hage had 33 goals and 42 assists in 54 games with the Chicago Steel this season, turning him into an offensive threat. But perhaps his greatest year came in 2021-22, where he dominated the U16 AAA league with his youth team, the Toronto Jr. Canadiens. Here, he scored 46 goals and notch 70 assists in 57 games, putting himself on the radar for NHL scouts.