Looking at draft prospect Jett Luchanko

With the NHL Draft coming up on June 28, the Vegas Golden Knights are searching for talent for their pipeline. Could Jett Luchanko be a good fit?
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How Jett Luchanko fits with the Vegas Golden Knights

Jett Luchanko is the master of deception and hockey intelligence, fooling defenders with his various puck movements and maneuvers. Combined with an outstanding work ethic, he's proven to be a productive center who hustles for every puck and point he can get. Such a mindset is heavily rewarded in the Vegas Golden Knights organization, where competing is an absolute must.

As mentioned earlier, Marchessault made up for his lack of size with a knack for innovative offense that made him tough to defend. From his hard shot to his ability to see the ice, the "Original Misfit" carved out a niche on the Golden Knights. That's the same thing Luchanko can do for himself, using his offensive acumen to become a productive member.

While the center isn't the biggest player on the ice, he's also a faster player that can out-maneuver anybody. He's a threat on the breakaway and can use his natural athletic ability to create plays. While his puck skills still need work, that's something he can get with some exposure in the NHL.