Is there room for a Michael Amadio reunion?

The Vegas Golden Knights will be heavily focused on reuniting with Jonathan Marchessault. But is there enough room for Michael Amadio to also return?
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Michael Amadio had a solid season for the Vegas Golden Knights in 2023-24. He scored 14 goals and 13 assists, establishing himself as a bona fide winger. His presence was especially felt on the lower lines, providing timely goals for the Golden Knights.

However, Amadio will be a free agent once the summertime is in full swing. The Golden Knights are expected to heavily focus on retaining Jonathan Marchessault, who will also hit the free agency market. The former Conn Smythe winner should have a hefty AAV once the dust settles.

So let's assume the former Conn Smythe winner does return. Kelly McCrimmon is likely to part with some key Golden Knights to make this move happen. However, it is a possibility that could happen, while shaking Vegas to its core. However, that leaves the question about Amadio potentially returning.

Will there be enough room to retain the winger and give the third or fourth line some depth? What if the Golden Knights don't retain Marchessault and he walks to another team? This offseason will be crucial for Vegas, determining where the team heads. Of course, with Marchessault being the main domino, Amadio will fall in line after him.

What could Michael Amadio earn?

As mentioned earlier, Michael Amadio had himself a nice year as a player on the lower lines. Scoring double-digit goals at that line tier is a sizable accomplishment, providing scoring depth for the Vegas Golden Knights. Therefore, retaining the 27-year-old on a modest deal doesn't seem too heavy.

With Amadio's skill set and ability, he could max out at $2 million AAV. He's not going to be a flashy guy on the ice. However, he knows how to get to the net and has valuable size. Big bodies were a major part of the Golden Knights winning the Stanley Cup in 2022-23, and the Ontario native is no different (6'1", 204 lbs).

Plus, Amadio is another two-way forward, a valuable trope for the Vegas Golden Knights. Being able to play both ends of the ice has made Vegas tough to beat since their inception. The winger fits the bill, harnessing his hockey skills to generate offensive opportunities.

The verdict

Obviously, the Golden Knights's main priority should be getting Marchessault back. He serves as a pure offensive weapon, specializing in both even strength and the man advantage. Therefore, McCrimmon will negotiate and find a way to make it work.

Therefore, it'll take precedence over re-signing Amadio. But that isn't to say that the former Los Angeles King stinks. It's that there's more value to bringing a familiar face (and an "Original Misfit") back. Marchessault is a fan favorite, bonding and giving back to the community over time. However, Amadio can come back if the price and circumstances are right. His contributions have proven valuable to a Golden Knights team needing forward depth.