Is Everything Okay With Zach Whitecloud on the Vegas Golden Knights?

There seems to be some things wrong with Zach Whitecloud this season. What can be done to fix him?
Vegas Golden Knights v New York Islanders
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2. Zach Whitecloud's Performance

Brett Kulak, Zach Whitecloud
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While his injury history would be the most obvious answer, there's also concern about his play. Having no points in his last 21 games, Zach Whitecloud has become the defensive version of Jake Leschyshyn. Nobody wants to be Jake Leschyshyn. Believe me.

It's worth noting that Whitecloud isn't expected to be like Alex Pietrangelo. The two-time Stanley Cup champion sets up offensive plays nicely, playing a 200-ft. game for the Vegas Golden Knights. However, coming up bone dry for a quarter of the season is quite concerning.

He hasn't just suffered on offense, though. His defense must be improved. He leaves opposing players in the open, giving them scoring opportunities. Whitecloud must play better man-to-man and prevent the play from breaking down.

With only five points to his name, Whitecloud's scratch could be seen as a demotion of sorts. If the Bemidji State alum wants to get back to being a part of the starting lineup, it's time to get in on the offensive action. Otherwise, that demotion is going to be permanent.