Interviewing cancer survivor and Golden Knights superfan Izzy Woodward and her family

There's nobody tougher than someone who beats cancer three times. Why is Izzy Woodward one of the strongest people you'll ever meet?
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Jacob: How did Izzy beating neuroblastoma change your life outlook?

Tierra: We used to worry about the future and what it would bring us. Now, we take things one day at a time since life can quickly change. We're doing one more treatment, then we're done. Let's enjoy life, including the moments and little things.

Jacob: What advice would you give any parent who's going through a similar struggle?

Tierra: Take it one day at a time. Be an advocate and ask questions. Mother's tuition is real, so if something's wrong, look into it. I have a group of moms I'm part of and I'm grateful to be in a position where I can give advice to other moms about various things. That includes hospital stays, going to the clinic and asking questions. Take the good moments as they come, even small victories. The bad moments, you must push through them. Life is never guaranteed, so take everything one day at a time.

Izzy: I hope you feel better and don't give up!