Interviewing cancer survivor and Golden Knights superfan Izzy Woodward and her family

There's nobody tougher than someone who beats cancer three times. Why is Izzy Woodward one of the strongest people you'll ever meet?
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Jacob: Who is Izzy's favorite Golden Knights player?

Tierra: She loved Jonathan Marchessault, who's been her ride-or-die since day one. He was one of the first players (along with Reilly Smith) she met and met him multiple times. Izzy saw him at the games, built a connection with him, and could even pronounce his name correctly. She also loves Nic Roy, who gave her some pucks, and Mark Stone for his leadership. Nic Hague is also amazing and offered her encouraging words on Friday. She loves everyone.

Izzy: I love Jonathan Marchessault (now with Nashville), Nic Hague, Mark Stone, and Nic Roy. Marchessault told me to be brave and talked to me about many things. He talks to me about how I'm doing, cheer, summer plans, school, and family.

Jacob: How cool was it to go onstage during the NHL Draft and be drafted by the HFC (Hockey Fights Cancer) team?

Tierra: It was very cool. We've been huge VGK fans since day one. Our family had a bond with the team, with Izzy recognizing everything the Vegas Golden Knights did. She used to watch the games in the hospital, which gave her a sense of normalcy. She knew what the moment meant for her going onstage. We still talk about the standing ovation Izzy got because of everything she went through the past six years.

Izzy: I was happy but nervous. I had to go on the stage in front of thousands of people. I'm proud of myself for going on stage and meeting Nic Hague.