Interviewing cancer survivor and Golden Knights superfan Izzy Woodward and her family

There's nobody tougher than someone who beats cancer three times. Why is Izzy Woodward one of the strongest people you'll ever meet?
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Jacob: What was your initial reaction when you heard Izzy Woodward beat neuroblastoma and become cancer-free?

Tierra: It was a long time coming. She was three when she was diagnosed. Izzy went through so many treatments and chemo that it affected her kidneys. Izzy was going through immunotherapy and was on dialysis. She had relapses but smiled and showed her strength. She was also mature throughout the process, asking the doctor questions, and was willing to understand medical terms (something a three/nine-year-old shouldn't know). It helped her grow into the person she is today.

Jacob: How does Izzy motivate you everyday? How does she inspire others?

Tierra: Izzy has met many people along the way and has Facebook followers across the globe. People from Europe and Brazil constantly hear about how strong she is.

"If Izzy can do it, I can do it, too."

Anything Izzy puts her mind to, she can accomplish. She was so courageous throughout the process, never complaining once. When Izzy got sick from chemo, she turned around and asked, "Can I keep eating?" She tackled this without any complaint or struggle. In turn, we had to step back and change our viewpoint to be positive and strong.