If Pacific Division Teams Were... NFL Teams (And Which One Would the Vegas Golden Knights Be?)

The NFL playoffs are in full swing and everyone in America has their eyes glued to their televisions. Which team is the perfect parallel to the Vegas Golden Knights?
Las Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six
Las Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages
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6. Seattle Kraken

Joey Daccord
Seattle Kraken v Edmonton Oilers / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages

I know what you're thinking: Why not match the Kraken with the Seahawks? They're a perfect pair! Here's the thing: The Kraken is a young team built on developing talent and a solid defense. Pete Carroll's no longer the head coach of the Seahawks, anyway, The Krak Crew don't have that problem now.

Therefore, the Kraken are the Houston Texans. Both are the newest teams in their respective leagues and both have a solid young core. Seattle fans are banking on Matty Beniers (six goals, 13 assists) to have the type of career that C.J. Stroud is projecting to have.

Who knows? The Kraken and the Texans might make it to their respective championships and win it all. That'll only make the parallel much stronger between the two.