If Pacific Division Teams Were... NFL Teams (And Which One Would the Vegas Golden Knights Be?)

The NFL playoffs are in full swing and everyone in America has their eyes glued to their televisions. Which team is the perfect parallel to the Vegas Golden Knights?
Las Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six
Las Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages
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1. Vegas Golden Knights

Jack Eichel
2023 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Five / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Let's start with the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Vegas Golden Knights. The champs tend to dominate the competition convincingly, mainly behind their franchise player (Jack Eichel). They also play a defensive style that allows them to generate offense, making them an incredible threat.

So why not the Kansas City Chiefs? The Chiefs are the reigning Super Bowl champs, are run well by their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and have a stellar defense. Plus, Bill Foley has run the franchise well and has built an incredible culture akin to the Hunt family.

The parallel to the Chiefs was obvious, given the defending champions' angle. However, there are more layers to it. The Chiefs allowed the second-fewest points in the NFL this season (17.3) and have been a force in the playoffs. Therefore, Golden Knights, meet the Chiefs. I hope you modern-day powerhouses can become good acquaintances.