If Pacific Division Teams Were... NFL Teams (And Which One Would the Vegas Golden Knights Be?)

The NFL playoffs are in full swing and everyone in America has their eyes glued to their televisions. Which team is the perfect parallel to the Vegas Golden Knights?
Las Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six
Las Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers - Game Six / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages
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What's the one thing bigger than the Vegas Golden Knights in Las Vegas? The only thing larger than the beloved hockey team is the NFL, which is having its postseason right now. That means you'll see plenty of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, and Christian McCaffrey.

But that brings up an excellent thought: Which Pacific Division team would resemble specific NFL teams? Think about it: the Super Bowl is being held in Las Vegas this year. It's a fun thought to have, especially if you want to have a giggle or two. Who gets to be the Dallas Cowboys?? Stay tuned.

But let's visit that thought for a second. Every Pacific Division team will be examined and assessed as an NFL team closely related to their style. With that, it's time to draw some parallels and see which team in the Pacific lines up with in the NFL sphere. Set hut!