How Does Getting Shea Theodore Back Help?

Shea Theodore is back in practice and *GASP* doesn't have a no-contact jersey on! How does that benefit the Vegas Golden Knights?

Vegas Golden Knights v Washington Capitals
Vegas Golden Knights v Washington Capitals / G Fiume/GettyImages

Vegas Golden Knight fans were hit with some of the best news this season on Wednesday. Their beloved defenseman, Shea Theodore, came back without a no-contact jersey at practice. Immediately, Knight fans rushed to social media to bask in the good news like the McRib was coming back.

With a wave of injured players coming back, Shea Theodore is the latest to return to Vegas. Finally, you have a strong defenseman who's solid on special teams. No more worrying and panicking about when he'll return.

What Shea Theodore's Return Means

For starters, the Vegas Golden Knights are getting another key piece back in the lineup. Duh.

But it's more than that. It's coming at the right time, when teams are ramping up for a chance at the Stanley Cup. With additional pieces entering the fold for Vegas, Bruce Cassidy can prep his crew for a run at another Stanley Cup. Just wait until Jack Eichel returns to the lineup and watch Golden Knights Twitter go crazy.

Also, it's been mentioned before, but it bears repeating: The stats show Theodore's impact on the Vegas Golden Knights. Last season, Vegas was 13-9-5 without Theodore in the lineup. With the former Anaheim Duck? 38-13-4.

The Positive Parts of Shea Theodore

With their best players returning to the fold, the Knights can work on cracking through other teams for home-ice advantage. While getting past Vancouver in the standings will be a tall task considering how well the Canucks have played, anything can happen in the playoffs. Therefore, Vegas getting points is key to their success.

Another beautiful thing about Shea Theodore is he's a defenseman that generates offense. He's a guy who's excellent on the power play and scores on the point, which is something most defensemen can't do.

Plus. he's another veteran voice in the locker room. With the team making a run for a second Stanley Cup, he can help the younger guys when times get tough. Such leadership helps a team become a powerhouse.

In Conclusion...

Having Shea Theodore back sooner than later is a major asset for the Vegas Golden Knights. Offensive defensemen are a growing part of the game, with the British Columbia native being a major part of this.

Plus, you have an equalizer when it comes to facing teams like Vancouver and Edmonton. High-scoring teams will have to deal with the defensive depth Vegas carries, which will complicate matters. You can say Shea's return... is going smoothly (like shea butter).