Golden Knights traveling in... Anaheim

Traveling for hockey games is always a fun time. Here's why Vegas Golden Knights fans should make the journey to Orange County for an NHL game.
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The soundtrack for Anaheim

Anaheim has that Southern California vibe, which calls for some chill music. The drive down and game day should consist of ska, alternative, and punk rock. Here's what Vegas Golden Knights fans should play before their team faces off against the Ducks.

No Doubt

The Orange County-based band deserves some love here for its recognizable tunes. Gwen Stefani has also done an excellent job launching her career into stardom after being in the band. "Don't Speak," "Hella Good," and "I'm Just A Girl" should be some of the songs playing in the rotation.

Billy Talent

Not many people are familiar with the punk rock band. However, Billy Talent is a Canadian band with some good hockey bangers. That includes "Red Flag," "Try Honesty," and "Viking Death March."

The Aquabats!

Personally, the Aquabats are a great band for playing before an Anaheim Ducks game. They're upbeat, weird, and one of the better ska bands around. "Martian Girl," "Pizza Day," and "Aquabat March" are some of the tunes that should be in the rotation.


First, be sure to check out Hoobastank for the free Fremont concert on June 8. Fremont Street Experience is always a fun time with friends, after all. As for the band, they have "Pieces," "Crawling in the Dark," and, of course, "The Reason." The SoCal experience isn't complete without the Agoura Hills band playing in the car.

Avenged Sevenfold

The Huntington Beach band is well-known for its progressive metal tracks, where they were a huge hit in the 2000s and beyond. Vegas Golden Knights fans will want to hear "Bat Country," "Hail to the King," and "Nightmare" before heading to see their team battle the Ducks.