Golden Knights traveling in... Anaheim

Traveling for hockey games is always a fun time. Here's why Vegas Golden Knights fans should make the journey to Orange County for an NHL game.
Boston Red Sox v Los Angeles Angels
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Traveling to Anaheim

For Vegas Golden Knights fans, there are a couple of ways to make it down to this magical city. One is getting a cheap plane ticket, booking a rental car, and getting a hotel. It's reasonable, although the rental car could be costly. The other way is driving, which only takes four hours and spare change. It might take a chunk of your gas--and mileage. However, it's worth seeing the scenic California mountains along the way.

Most Las Vegans know that California traffic is the worst. After all, many have come from the Golden State. Prepare to only move one mile for 30 minutes. Even with the mass exodus of Californians moving to different states, there are still too many people on the roads to ever move. It's like the Chinese Water Torture Technique, only in car form.

But once Vegas Golden Knights fans sort through the conga line of cars and are heading into Anaheim, it's smooth sailing. Compared to, say, Los Angeles, Orange County is more relaxed. It's far better traveling to see a hockey game here compared to Hollywood for the sheer simplicity alone.