Golden Knights Trade Candidate Report: Yegor Chinakhov

With the Vegas Golden Knights heading to Ohio's capital, here's a dark horse trade candidate they might acquire.

Carolina Hurricanes v Columbus Blue Jackets
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3. The Trade Proposal for Yegor Chinakhov

Yegor Chinakhov, Colin Miller
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It stands with a good reason why he's a lucrative trade target. He's young, coming in at 23 years old. He has a great cheap contract and won't cost the Golden Knights much ($800,000 this season and will be a restricted free agent this offseason). He's contributing at a decent clip, scoring 28 points this season (15 goals, 13 assists).

Vegas Golden Knights and Columbus Blue Jackets

Vegas Golden Knights fans shouldn't look too far into acquiring Yegor Chinakhov. The Columbus Blue Jackets (and Chinakhov) have likely changed course, shelving the trade talks... for now. Therefore, the Golden Knights should pursue other players for more depth.

Still, if the opportunity arises, you know Vegas will be there. The aspects of Chinakhov's current contract look tempting and the Golden Knights are desperate for any type of scoring. But, hey. One can dream, right?

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