Golden Knights Trade Candidate Report: Pavel Buchnevich

With the Vegas Golden Knights reeling, they need to quickly make a move. Is Pavel Buchnevich the solution to their problems?

St. Louis Blues v Toronto Maple Leafs
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3. The Trade Proposal for Pavel Buchnevich

Pavel Buchnevich, Jonas Rondbjerg
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If the Vegas Golden Knights are looking to acquire Pavel Buchnevich, there's probably going to be a higher pick involved. What could be proposed is a second-round pick for the Russian. Given his lofty contract, some salary must be retained on the Blues behalf, although that might be a tough ask considering they're tight on cap space.

Vegas Golden Knights and St. Louis Blues

There hasn't been much to show the St. Louis Blues are willing to part with Buchnevich. After all, the 28-year-old does have a modified no-trade clause. Still, it might be worth calling up your old business partner if you're the Vegas Golden Knights. Desperate times call for desperate measures, with the chances of a Golden Knights repeat rapidly dwindling. McCrimmon would need to make a move before it's too late.