Golden Knights Trade Candidate Report: Pavel Buchnevich

With the Vegas Golden Knights reeling, they need to quickly make a move. Is Pavel Buchnevich the solution to their problems?
St. Louis Blues v Toronto Maple Leafs
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1. Pavel Buchnevich's Scouting Report

Pavel Buchnevich
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Obviously, when you think of Pavel Buchnevich, you think of offense. The winger is fast and has great playmaking ability. Plus, he can be an asset on both sides of the special teams spectrum. Add a dash of finishing ability and a lethal shot and you have one Buchnevich.

The Russian forward isn't the best away from the puck, though. He's seen as more of an offensive talent, setting up incredible scoring opportunities. However, Buchnevich is improving as an all-around player, which will make him a viable asset for any situation.

Another plus to acquiring Pavel Buchnevich is he's under control for another year. The Blues winger would stay in Vegas for 2024-2025 if acquired. Granted, there's some concern with the cap hit, given that he's owed $5.8 million. However, it's worth taking a risk on a speedy offensive force like Buchnevich for the Vegas Golden Knights.