Golden Knights Trade Candidate Report: Jake Guentzel

One of the biggest trade targets, Jake Guentzel has much to offer for the Vegas Golden Knights. But how big will the package to get him be?
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3. The Trade Proposal for Jake Guentzel

Jake Guentzel
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Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Kyle Dubas stated he wants prospects rather than picks, which will complicate matters for the Vegas Golden Knights. This is especially true with the Golden Knights not having the best prospect pool in the NHL.

However, that doesn't mean the Golden Knights are out on Jake Guentzel. There will be more cleaning of the prospect pool, with a first-round pick thrown in. But the Golden Knights must watch out for the Omaha native's injury history, for it might hurt them during the playoffs.

Vegas Golden Knights and Pittsburgh Penguins

The Golden Knights are in desperate need of bodies at the forward position. With troubled times hitting the franchise, they might pull the trigger on getting Guentzel on board. But does Vegas have enough to get a deal done?