Golden Knights Trade Candidate Report: Jake Guentzel

One of the biggest trade targets, Jake Guentzel has much to offer for the Vegas Golden Knights. But how big will the package to get him be?
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1. Jake Guentzel's Scouting Report

Jake Guentzel
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The big thing that comes to mind regarding Jake Guentzel is his hockey IQ. He's able to pick apart opposing defenses with ease, finding holes to either score or set up solid scoring opportunities. That's what makes him an incredible trade candidate and what the Vegas Golden Knights desperately need.

Guentzel is also one of the quicker forwards in the NHL. His evasiveness makes him an offensive threat, being able to skate past opposing defenders with ease. In a sense, he's like Frank Vatrano, only faster and plays bigger than his actual size.

Speaking of size, that's the biggest issue with the 29-year-old. He's only 5'11" and weighs 180 lbs., making him a target among defenders. That's part of why he's dealt with injuries in the past, with his upper-body injury on Valentine's Day being the most recent notch. Still, Jake Guentzel's ceiling is a top-line star, where he can complement Jack Eichel easily.