Golden Knights draft this controversial prospect in this NHL Mock Draft simulation

Mock drafts are an essential part of the sports experience. The Vegas Golden Knight will get a controversial prospect in the latest NHL Draft simulation.
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What about the other three picks?

Speaking of which, that leads to the next point. The Vegas Golden Knights have three other picks in this year's NHL Draft. There aren't many chances for Vegas to nail this year's draft, so evaluating every talent is paramount to future success. Yes, that does sound quite cliche. However, it's true given the team's current situation.

So here's who the Golden Knights picked with their other three picks. Did they bolster the team's forward depth further or was another direction taken in the NHL mock draft? Let's look at what the simulation said for Vegas with the remaining draft picks.

180th overall: Felix Lacerte, C/Shawinigan Cataractes

One thing that stands out with Felix Lacerte is his stick-handling abilities. He can split defending pairs easily, firing off shots without any complications. He's confident on the ice and can dictate the play, making him a valuable weapon. That's how he scored 55 goals and 56 assists in two seasons (119 games) with Shawinigan Cataractes.

However, one sticking point with the 17-year-old is his tendency to watch plays. Getting more involved off the puck will help him develop into a promising player. If the Vegas Golden Knights draft him, he must get involved in every play, helping his team at every turn.