Every first-round draft pick in Vegas Golden Knights history

The Vegas Golden Knights have been known to dispose of their first-round picks from the NHL Draft. Here's a complete list of who they've picked.
Vegas Golden Knights v Edmonton Oilers
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There's a running gag in the Vegas Golden Knights community, revolving around the team trading any first-round pick from the NHL Draft. Over the years, that illustrious list has included Zach Dean, Peyton Krebs, and David Edstrom. Some trades have worked out well for the club (Cody Glass) while others... not so much (Nick Suzuki). Some have even stuck around, playing with the team at the NHL level (Brendan Brisson).

This year, the Golden Knights have the 19th overall pick. But there's a catch with this year's draft: Vegas only has four total picks. It's no secret they need to restock their prospects once the Stanley Cup window closes for good. Therefore, nailing the first-round pick is imperative to the team's future success.

There have been plenty of names floating around the pick, ranging from Trevor Connelly to Igor Chernyshov. These names have displayed incredible talents throughout their amateur careers, making them attractive NHL Draft prospects. However, not everything is perfect with these young stars. Whether it's off-ice issues (Connelly) or needing more development (Chernyshov), there's a reason why they're projected at their current positions.

Perhaps those times have changed for the Vegas Golden Knights. Brendan Brisson has proven his worth in his limited ice time, leaving fans wanting more. The Golden Knights are also tight on salary cap space, saving room for a potential reunion with Jonathan Marchessault.

The complete list of all first-round NHL Draft picks for the Vegas Golden Knights

With the NHL Draft coming in a couple of weeks, let's look at every first-round player selected by the Vegas Golden Knights. The franchise has some notable names picked from their team, ranging from those still on the team (Brendan Brisson) to those finding success elsewhere (Nick Suzuki).

Upon looking at the list, one will notice many players aren't on the team anymore. That goes back to the running joke of the Golden Knights not keeping any of their promising prospects. The team wants to win now, ask questions later. Therefore, it's time to send David Edstrom to San Jose.

While that's certainly the case, they did make two Stanley Cup Final appearances during their seven-year history. That included a Stanley Cup last season, where they defeated the Florida Panthers in five games. For a team in a city known for gambling, that's a successful deal.

But enough about the jokes and running gags. It's time to look at every first-round NHL Draft pick by the Vegas Golden Knights. Let's honor those who got selected in the opening round, only to be traded for a top-tier player.






Cody Glass



Nick Suzuki



Erik Brannstrom



Peyton Krebs



Brendan Brisson (Still on the team)



Zach Dean



David Edstrom