Does Lukas Gustafsson have a future with the Vegas Golden Knights?

Boston College defenseman Lukas Gustafsson was recently invited to the developmental camp for the Vegas Golden Knights. What does he bring to the table?
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The Vegas Golden Knights might have a new prospect in their pipeline soon. They recently invited Boston College defenseman Lukas Gustafsson to their developmental camp. With the Golden Knights in the middle of an open Stanley Cup window, they need as much young talent as possible. Whether it's to get better players to cash in on that window or provide a cushion for the future, prospect depth is becoming more valuable to the franchise.

So what has the young defenseman done in the hockey world? For one, he's been productive with Boston College, scoring three goals and 13 assists this season for the Eagles. The sophomore also has 37 blocked shots in 41 games played. The season prior, he scored three goals and 16 assists for the Eagles in 35 games. The native of Alpharetta, Georgia also played two seasons for the Chicago Steel of the USHL. Here, he had 12 goals and 30 assists in 73 games played.

An invitation to join the developmental camp offers an opportunity to prove himself. As the song, "Lose Yourself," goes (by the way, Eminem has a new single, "Houdini," dropping this Friday):

"Lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go (go)
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime."

With that, here's what Gustafsson brings to the table for Vegas.

Looking at Lukas Gustafsson

One thing that stands out about Lukas Gustaffson is his size. Standing at 5'10" and weighing 193 lbs., he's not a big body at his position. That could cause problems down the road, especially when playing on the forecheck. He'll rely on creating takeaways and turnovers, with the occasional blocked shot mixed in.

However, Jonathan Marchessault was in a similar position, only as a winger. Standing at 5'9", the "Original Misfit" made up for his defensive limitations by becoming one of the best snipers in the NHL. His penchant for scoring and offensive prowess make him valuable to the Vegas Golden Knights.

For Gustafsson, he can do the same for himself. With his passion for improving every aspect of his game, he can grow into a dynamic player. Offensively, he thrives through outpacing opposing defenders, using dekes and intelligent reads to move towards the net.

Can he fit on the Vegas Golden Knights?

Oddly enough, there are plenty of reasons why Lukas Gustafsson would be a great fit for the Vegas Golden Knights. He makes up for lack of size with incredible innovation, using a high hockey IQ and offensive capabilities to carve a niche. Being a tricky player to defend has its perks, especially when you're a younger talent.

Marchessault made a living out of maximizing his offensive talents, becoming a reliable forward offensively and on the power play. He set the standard for undersized players to fit on teams like the Golden Knights, which bodes well for the Boston College defenseman.

Yes, the size will be a sticking point for Vegas since they love carrying a big team. That goes with how they run their forecheck and how they initiate a physical style of play. However, they're also needing some prospects for their farm system, which could help with bringing on Gustafsson.