Celebrating Alex Pietrangelo: 5 Fun Facts About the Legendary Defenseman and his Feat

On Tuesday, Alex Pietrangelo played his 1,000th game in the NHL. Here are some fun facts celebrating the defenseman.

Minnesota Wild v Vegas Golden Knights
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5. Pietrangelo's Average On Ice Time With Both Teams Are Nearly Identical

Alex Pietrangelo
Vegas Golden Knights v New York Rangers / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

During his 16-year NHL career, Pietrangelo has raked up an average on-ice time of 24:33. He's proven to be a blue-chip defenseman, logging in minutes while blocking shots. You won't find anybody better at the craft.

But what's ridiculous about the stat is how close his AOIT stats are with Vegas and St. Louis. With the Blues, he logged an average of 24:38. With the Vegas Golden Knights, he clocked an average of 24:17. The two-time Stanley Cup winner is a perfectly balanced man, as all things should be.