Brendan Brisson Is Now a Golden Knight. What Does He Bring to the Table?

On Sunday, Brendan Brisson was called up to the Golden Knights roster. Amid all the injuries, the former first round pick might be a gem. Here's what he brings to the table.
Nashville Predators v Vegas Golden Knights
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2. Brendan Brisson's Impact

Brendan Brisson, Colton Poolman
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Brendan Brisson is regarded by scouts as an incredible problem-solving forward. That asset's vital if he's ever on special teams, for he can sniff out a look and make the according play. Therefore, Vegas can use his intelligence.

With both Jack Eichel and William Karlsson out for some time, it's expected that the winger will get some looks here. When he was called up on Sunday, the former first-round pick had a bit of a learning curve. He was outmuscled on some pucks and had to fight for his keep.

However, Bruce Cassidy said it perfectly, saying, "In those battles, these are men. This is a man's league. That's why we emphasize the fitness part."

Much of Brisson's game will grow over time. That includes his physicality, sense of the game, and his puck control. With more experience, he'll fit right into the lineup seamlessly.