Breaking down what Cole Beaudoin would bring to the Vegas Golden Knights

Some players are meant to be part of the Vegas Golden Knights. Here's why that could make sense for Cole Beaudoin in the NHL Draft.
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Cole Beaudoin has other great offensive attributes

As mentioned, Cole Beaudoin has an incredible knack for being an offensive playmaker. He can score goals at will and is tough to pry the puck away. Overall, that should make the Canadian forward an exciting prospect offensively. However, there are more layers to his game than just shooting the puck in the net.

For example, he carries a good shot that does damage. It's hard defending an incoming puck when fired like a laser. The Vegas Golden Knights would get that with Beaudoin, whose shot is strong enough to cause havoc.

The young prospect also has a fantastic on-ice vision where he can make his next move. He has great reads on defenses and what to do next, allowing him to set up. Combine that with his physical attributes and he's one of the better offensive talents in the draft.

If the Golden Knights have the opportunity to draft the Barrie Colts star with other options scratched, they should take that chance. Other prospects might stir the pot if picked. However, picking Beaudoin could be the biggest draft reward Vegas has reaped in franchise history.