Breaking down what Cole Beaudoin would bring to the Vegas Golden Knights

Some players are meant to be part of the Vegas Golden Knights. Here's why that could make sense for Cole Beaudoin in the NHL Draft.
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He's a coachable NHL Draft prospect for the Vegas Golden Knights

Another value many teams seek is the ability to be coached. Not every hockey player is perfect. If that were the case, the NHL wouldn't be a fun sport. Luckily, some players have this admirable trait. That includes Cole Beaudoin, who's worked on some deficiencies during his time with the Barrie Colts.

The NHL Draft prospect had problems with his skating before this season. Often, Beaudoin would look sluggish on the ice, hindering the attack. Not only that, but it would hurt his respective team defensively, leaving him stuck in transition.

However, he's learned to take better strides and move with more power. As a result, it's made Beaudoin a stronger overall player, improving many aspects of his game. Whether it's turning him into a strong two-way player or making him into a dangerous offensive player, that minor tweak has helped him.

But it leads to a greater point of being coachable, which makes an NHL Draft prospect attractive. Teams like the Vegas Golden Knights jump at the opportunity to pick such prospects, for they can mold them into their system. That's good news for Cole Beaudoin, who will boost his draft stock through this avenue.