Breaking Down ESPN Predictions For Vegas Golden Knights vs. Dallas Stars

The predictions are in for the Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars. Where do the experts lie on their predictions?
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages

ESPN has come out with their predictions for the Vegas Golden Knights and Dallas Stars. The "Worldwide Leader in Sports" is leaning one particular way in the series. But which way is it?

Could it be the defending Stanley Cup champions who are getting the nod? Or is it the best regular-season team in the Western Conference? Here's a look at what the experts are saying about the first-round match-up between the Golden Knights and the Stars.

Who's Picking the Vegas Golden Knights

Only five experts were picking the Vegas Golden Knights to advance, with notable names being P.K. Subban and Tim Kavanagh. Even Mark Messier is rolling with the Golden Knights in this series, picking them in six. One note to follow: Subban is going with the Golden Knights to win it all, which might be bold. However, it is also reasonable.

Why were the Golden Knights picked to win among these experts? For one, Mark Stone is cleared to practice full contact. It indicates the captain is ready to go for the series, with a potential return happening for Game 1. Add in the additions of Tomas Hertl and Noah Hanifin and you have a pick for an upset.

The consensus of victory length for the Golden Knights is seven games, with three experts picking the length. The other two went with six games, which means the belief is this series will go the distance.

Who's Picking the Dallas Stars

About everyone else is going with the Stars, including John Buccigross, Greg Wyshynski, and Emily Kaplan. In fact, six of the experts are going with the Stars to hoist Lord Stanley come the summer time.

The pick does make sense, for the Stars had the most points in the Western Conference (113). Bolstered by a talented lineup featuring Jason Robertson and Wyatt Johnston, Dallas can make a serious run at the Stanley Cup.

The consensus on the length of victory is seven games, with 13 experts picking the length. Seven experts went with six, while one went with a clean sweep (Arda Ocal). Many analysts believe this series could go either way, similar to last year's Western Conference Finals. Last season, two games were decided in overtime, with the Vegas Golden Knights winning both.

The Verdict

An overwhelming majority of experts at ESPN are leaning towards the Dallas Stars to defeat the Vegas Golden Knights in a close series. The Stars are a talented team with offensive depth at every turn, making them a threat.

However, this series could go either way. With Mark Stone's return and the trade deadline acquisitions, the Golden Knights can shock the world... and the experts at ESPN.