A tribute to Jonathan Marchessault

With Jonathan Marchessault leaving the Vegas Golden Knights, it's time to pay tribute to the former star and see his legacy.
Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks
Vegas Golden Knights v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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Where is Jonathan Marchessault now?

As many fans have heard, Jonathan Marchessault signed a five-year, $5.5 AAV deal with the Nashville Predators. He heads off to Music City with Steven Stamkos and Brady Skjei to form a potent team. With Nashville's hard-hitting ways mixed with seasoned veteran leadership (and scoring), they'll become a threat to win the Stanley Cup.

As for the Golden Knights, it's sad to see such a revered player leave town. It's akin to losing a close friend or family member, for they've created countless memories with you. Remembering this Vegas Golden Knights star will hit differently with fans, for he won't be an obscure trivia question.

Instead, he'll be an impactful player who brought Las Vegas its first title in the four major sports. His story, coming from being undrafted to winning the Conn Smythe, is Vegas's story. Nobody believed in them on day one, yet they proved all the skeptics wrong. Good luck in Nashville, Jonathan Marchessault. Here's hoping you won't forget about the great times in Las Vegas.