A look at the Vegas Golden Knights all-time in Game 7

With the Edmonton Oilers one game from making history, here's a look at how the Vegas Golden Knights have done in the deciding game all-time.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The term, "Game 7", gets people hyped up during the Stanley Cup playoffs. It's where seasons, even championships, are on the line. Players leave it all out in the arena, doing whatever it takes to move on or hoist the trophy. That's especially true in the Stanley Cup Final, where the ultimate prize is at stake. Better get Jonathan Marchessault ready so he can deliver a clutch performance.

The Vegas Golden Knights are no strangers to this concept, for they've faced their fair share of deciding games in their short-lived history. Sometimes, they've emerged victorious, taking care of business to move onto the next round. Other times, it's a controversial cross-checking penalty that does you in. Whether it was legitimate or not is still up for debate among the Vegas hockey community.

What's not up for debate is the mystique of "Game 7," where instant classics are born. That includes the 2009 Stanley Cup, where Marc-Andre Fleury stymied the Detroit Red Wings to give Sidney Crosby his first title, 2-1. Fleury's performance in the finale established himself as a bona fide goaltender, making him a key part of the Penguins' (and Golden Knights') Stanley Cup Final runs.

Speaking of Vegas, how have they done in the deciding game? Have they emerged victorious more in the final game? Or have they been eliminated more often? The good news for the Golden Knights is they've never experienced the heartbreak of losing the last game in the championship round. In honor of the matchup between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers, let's see how Vegas has done with everything on the line.

The Vegas Golden Knights have a record of 2-2 in the deciding game all-time

Regarding the deciding games in the Stanley Cup playoffs, the Vegas Golden Knights are a pedestrian 2-2. They've had some heartbreaking moments during the playoffs, including the 2019 finale against the San Jose Sharks. A late goal by Jonathan Marchessault wasn't enough as Vegas was eliminated by the Sharks in overtime. Of course, Pete DeBoer was behind the bench for San Jose and he's 8-0 all-time in such games. He was also behind the bench for this year's matchup, with the Dallas Stars winning, 2-1.

In fact, two of those victories came against Vancouver (3-0 in 2020) and Minnesota (6-2 in 2021). It's safe to say Pete DeBoer knows something about coming up clutch. After all, he's part of Vegas hockey history in every way possible. Imagine if the former Golden Knights head coach gets that opportunity in the Stanley Cup Final. He'd get the first title of his head coaching career.

The Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers have the potential to go one of two ways. It can be an all-time thriller where a first-time achievement happens, i.e. 2009. It can also be an absolute dud, like when the Detroit Red Wings blew out the Colorado Avalanche in the Western Conference Final in 2002, 7-0. Whatever the case, it's an exciting time to be a hockey fan... except if you're in the Sunshine State.




Lost to the San Jose Sharks, 5-4 (OT)


Defeated the Vancouver Canucks, 3-0


Defeated the Minnesota Wild, 6-2


Lost to the Dallas Stars, 2-1