5 Good Prop Bets for the Golden Knights

The Super Bowl is upon us! That means TONS of prop bets are flying around. So let's do some with our defending Stanley Cup champs!
Vegas Golden Knights v Arizona Coyotes
Vegas Golden Knights v Arizona Coyotes / Zac BonDurant/GettyImages
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2. Number of Drunk William Karlsson Speeches

William Karlsson, William Carrier, Nicolas Hague, Carnell Johnson, Zach Whitecloud
Vegas Golden Knights Victory Parade And Rally / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Now this is contingent on if the Vegas Golden Knights repeat as the Stanley Cup champions. After all, you won't get a drunk speech from William Karlsson if you don't win it all. Still, this would be a fun prop bet for Golden Knight fans to try out.

With that, let's the bet at 0.5 for the over/under. Las Vegas would LOVE to hear another speech from the Swedish star, specifically if he's talking about Stone or Eichel. After all, the fans deserve an encore from the original, especially after setting the standard from "Day F'n One."