4 actors that must play one of the Golden Knights

Last season's Stanley Cup run was pure cinema for Vegas Golden Knights fans. There are four actors that would be perfect for a cinematic film.
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Paul Cotter, played by Danny McBride

The Eastbound & Down star already has some experience playing an athlete, portraying Kenny Powers. He's a retired major league pitcher who returns to his small town in North Carolina as a substitute physical education teacher. Who says he can't play a burly hockey player who delivers punishing hits to his opponents?

That's who should play Paul Cotter, for the forward is known for being a hockey brute. He was tied for 16th in the NHL in hits (233) and has plenty of size (6'2", 213 lbs). It makes perfect sense for a brash actor to play a hard-hitting native of Canton, Michigan. Imagine if Cotter comes out dressed as Kenny Powers for a hockey game. Gary Bettman would fall over and faint from this episode.

Of course, this is all in good fun. Sin City hockey fans can have fun with casting their own choices for their beloved Vegas Golden Knights. However, given Paul Cotter's big frame and physical play, there's no better choice for him than the Eastbound & Down star.