4 actors that must play one of the Golden Knights

Last season's Stanley Cup run was pure cinema for Vegas Golden Knights fans. There are four actors that would be perfect for a cinematic film.
Chris Hemsworth Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Chris Hemsworth Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame / Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages
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Paul Rudd playing Jonathan Marchessault

The Ant-Man star is almost the same height as the former Conn Smythe winner (Rudd is 5'10", Marchessault is 5'9") and nearly has the same build. Considering that Rudd still looks young at the age of 55, it wouldn't be a surprising casting to see happen.

Of course, the Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire movie star would also embody many of the goofy traits that Marchessault has. He would be a free spirit, brightening up the audience with his infectious personality. Fans would probably wonder if No. 81 would crack one of Rudd's more famous quotes to boot.


"Look at us!"

"Who would've thought?" (from Hemsworth)

"Not me!"

As Hemsworth greets his fellow drunken buddy on stage, the Ant-Man star gives his impassioned speech about being with the Vegas Golden Knights and his journey to the Stanley Cup. The boys down another beer as the fans rejoice, with the most coveted trophy in sports held up once again.

Then, after the credits roll, Paul Rudd is in a conga line with a group of children. He's hoisting the Stanley Cup above his head, directing the cameraman to head that way with him. It would be a lighthearted moment that would cap off the hard work put in by Vegas.