3 Ways to Ensure the Vegas Golden Knights Beat the Dallas Stars

While the Vegas Golden Knights are the underdogs against the Dallas Stars, there's still a path to victory. How can the defending champions move on?
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars
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3. Let Pete DeBoer's Squad Shoot

Pete DeBoer
Dallas Stars v Vancouver Canucks / Derek Cain/GettyImages

Now, this will depend on who will start for the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 1. After all, Dallas Stars head coach Pete DeBoer loves to let his team shoot the puck. Combined with a knack for pushing the puck up the ice, DeBoer will make his opponents work.

However, the Stars (668 giveaways, 15th in the NHL) are more prone to turnovers than the Golden Knights (565 giveaways, fifth-fewest in the NHL). If the Golden Knights play back and let their forecheck do the work, they can generate more offensive opportunities. But that starts with closing the gaps and taking shooting lanes away. After all, the Vegas Golden Knights are familiar with Pete DeBoer's coaching style.