3 Ways to Ensure the Vegas Golden Knights Beat the Dallas Stars

While the Vegas Golden Knights are the underdogs against the Dallas Stars, there's still a path to victory. How can the defending champions move on?
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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It's an interesting position to be an underdog and the defending champions at the same time. Yet, the Vegas Golden Knights are here, with the team not being favored against the Dallas Stars. It's the sort of adversity that makes teams either stronger or eliminated.

It's not to say that the Stars aren't a bad team. They're the Western Conference's best team, earning home-ice advantage up to the Western Conference Finals. With a legion of incredible forwards and goal-scorers, Dallas can make a serious run in the playoffs.

However, there is a pathway for the Golden Knights to defeat the Stars. By attacking the following weaknesses and implementing their strengths, the defending champions can take care of business. Here are three ways the Vegas Golden Knights can defeat the Dallas Stars again, deep in the heart of Texas.