3 Vegas Golden Knights that would make great Savannah Bananas

The Vegas Golden Knights and the... Savannah Bananas? Believe it or not, it'd be an entertaining premise.
Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals
Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals / Al Bello/GettyImages
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2. Mark Stone

There's no single Vegas Golden Knights player more expressive than Mark Stone. He showcases his emotions in big moments, showing his passion for hockey. That would translate well into the Savannah Bananas world, where he would entertain the masses with his incredible personality. In fact, there's a Twitter account dedicated to the forward's intensity during key moments.

That's part of why he's been the Golden Knights captain. His dedication and passion for hockey stand tall over the rest, making him popular within the community. In turn, he's become the face of the franchise, representing the winning ways that the Golden Knights have been accustomed to since their inception. Nobody wears their heart on their sleeve like Stone,

However, some people will say he belongs to the Party Animals. Lacerating the spleen isn't as life-threatening as people believe, with Stone just, well, partying on the sidelines. However, the Captain would be an excellent fit for the Bananas for his energy and infectious persona. Besides, he has plenty of time to party with the Party Animals after the game.