3 Vegas Golden Knights that would make great Savannah Bananas

The Vegas Golden Knights and the... Savannah Bananas? Believe it or not, it'd be an entertaining premise.
Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals
Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals / Al Bello/GettyImages
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1. William Karlsson

William Karlsson being on the Savannah Bananas is because of his memorable speech during the Stanley Cup parade festivities. The author behind the infamous "Day F****** One" speech would be an entertaining piece for the Bananas, standing on the mound and slinging pitches. It'd be a better bonus if the forward would pitch baseballs with his hockey stick, making the catcher retrieve them.

What would make this experience even better? If Karlsson was drunk and shirtless, lobbing pitches. It would be a humorous callback to his dedicated speech to Jonathan Marchessault, when the winger won the Conn Smyhe trophy. Okay, maybe not too drunk. But it'd still be funny to see the Swedish star hurling baseballs to opposing batters with a brewski in his hand.

Regardless of what Karlsson does, he's always good for entertaining the crowd. The forward has made himself at home in the Las Vegas community, becoming one of the more tenured "Misfits". That comes with scoring 30 goals and 30 assists this season, marking a return to Vegas hockey stardom.

Of course, there's also the 78-point season, where Karlsson had a franchise-high 43 goals. But the Swedish star is a fun time wherever he goes, delighting fans with his fun-filled persona... and drunken speeches. If Karlsson does come to a Bananas game, he better bring Marchessault with him.