3 Vegas Golden Knights that would make great Savannah Bananas

The Vegas Golden Knights and the... Savannah Bananas? Believe it or not, it'd be an entertaining premise.
Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals
Savannah Bananas v The Party Animals / Al Bello/GettyImages
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Nobody thinks about the Vegas Golden Knights and the Savannah Bananas together. For one, they're two completely different sports, playing in opposite settings. Hockey is played inside a cold arena, with two teams who start six battling it out in a frozen coliseum. On the other hand, baseball is played in the beautiful outdoors, taking place in a breathtaking ballpark.

With one sport representing the character-building aspects of winter and the other representing the fun-filled wonders of summer, you'd think both sports couldn't come together (unless that happens to be Ilitch Holdings, which owns the Detroit Red Wings and Tigers). That is, until now.

That's right, the Savannah Bananas have brought winter's pastime and added the American Pastime to it. Instead of a catcher calling strikes, there's a goaltender stopping baseballs. Replace the pitcher with a forward shooting baseballs at home plate and the Savannah Bananas experience is in full effect. It's a part of the fun-filled experience that has captivated everyone recently. Granted, that's been the zeitgeist for baseball's version of the Harlem Globetrotters, entertaining families with their hilarious antics. That's why it's exploded in popularity in recent years.

So what does this have to do with the Golden Knights? Well, let's have some fun and imagine which Golden Knights would be a good fit with the Bananas. After all, they might need some good hockey players to stop the Party Animals from winning. Can't let baseball's version of the Washington Generals win games while on tour, you know?

That's why these players would be excellent for helping Savannah march their way to victory (By the way, the tour stops by Las Vegas on June 21 and 22 at Las Vegas Ballpark). Here are three Golden Knights that would be the perfect fit for the Bananas.