3 things the Vegas Golden Knights should learn from the Florida Panthers

The Florida Panthers, last season's opponents for the Vegas Golden Knights, are your new Stanley Cup champs. What can Vegas learn from them?
Vegas Golden Knights v Florida Panthers
Vegas Golden Knights v Florida Panthers / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Consistency in the Stanley Cup playoffs

One thing the Vegas Golden Knights can learn not to do is be inconsistent. There's no reason for a team to blow a 3-0 lead and have the Stanley Cup Final go seven games. While the Florida Panthers were fortunate to win the final game, being on point with every aspect proves to be more successful in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

That starts with Sergei Bobrovsky, where he had a GAA of 4.00 between games four and six. He was pulled in the fourth game after a disastrous performance. While Vegas hasn't had such problems in the past two playoff campaigns with goaltending, the offense could take note of being consistent.

That goes back to the first round, where they couldn't get out of the neutral zone often. As a result, they averaged 2.29 goals a game against the Dallas Stars. If the Vegas Golden Knights want to come back to the Stanley Cup Final, being offensively consistent is a good start. That could also apply to being healthy. However, injuries are a crapshoot, where teams can simply hope for the best.