3 things the Vegas Golden Knights must do to return to the Stanley Cup Finals

Ladies and gentlemen, a new Stanley Cup champion is being crowned this month. What can the Vegas Golden Knights do to hoist the prestigious trophy again?
US President Joe Biden hosts the Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights
US President Joe Biden hosts the Stanley Cup champion Vegas Golden Knights / Anadolu/GettyImages
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Re-sign Jonathan Marchessault

All the rumors about Jonathan Marchessault being too expensive for Vegas might be true. After all, the winger just had a career year, scoring 42 goals this season. However, the other rumors involving the Golden Knights and players like Mitch Marner should suggest cheaper alternatives are in play. That's especially true with Marchessault, who won't fetch a $10 million AAV deal like the current Maple Leaf will.

What does bringing back the beloved "Misfit" do for the team? For one, he's excellent on the power play, scoring eight goals and nine assists on the unit. During his Golden Knights tenure (seven seasons), he scored 42 goals and 61 assists on the man advantage. It's not saying that Marner doesn't do these things. The problem is it's coming at an unachievable price that could be solved by bringing a fan favorite back.

The team needs a good sniper who can provide an offensive spark. That person must also be consistent, providing timely goals in times of crisis. Marchessault fits the bill perfectly, bringing an offensive acumen that can be acquired at a cheaper price. If Vegas wants to acquire Marner, they won't do it for a one-year rental. Therefore, the "Original Misfit" would be better for the team's contention chances. Otherwise, fans will lose their collective minds.