3 teams Golden Knights fans should root for

With the Vegas Golden Knights sitting at home for the playoffs, there are questions about who they should root for next.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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2. New York Rangers

The New York Rangers are a franchise that feels like they need more Stanley Cups. They've only won the title four times in their illustrious career, with their most recent victory being in 1994. Wouldn't it be amazing if the Rangers became champions on the 30th anniversary of their last win?

And why not? The Vegas Golden Knights were built similarly to New York, with deep lines everywhere. This year's Rangers team has a plethora of stars on their roster. Pick from the various goal scorers they have, from Artemi Panarin to Chris Kreider. They can pile up the goals quickly, which makes them dangerous.

Add in a solid goaltender in Igor Shesterkin and out comes a dangerous NHL team. The Russian goaltender has been fun to watch, with his 45-save performance in game three against Carolina being a shining example. With terrific goaltending and deep lines all-around, there reason to believe the Rangers can go all the way.

For Golden Knights fans, rooting for one of the more tenured teams in hockey isn't bad. That's especially true with the New York Rangers, who might win it all this season. Vegas should be pulling for this Original-Six team to hoist Lord Stanley in the summer.