3 teams Golden Knights fans should root for

With the Vegas Golden Knights sitting at home for the playoffs, there are questions about who they should root for next.
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven
Vegas Golden Knights v Dallas Stars - Game Seven / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Being out of the playoffs stinks. It's no fun watching other teams vie for the Stanley Cup, putting on five-star games and entertaining fans. That's especially true if you're the defending Stanley Cup champions (or were), which is where the Vegas Golden Knights currently lie. After being eliminated by the Dallas Stars, what else is there to do for a hockey team?

Aside from playing golf and polishing the ol' swing, there isn't much aside from watching playoff hockey. It doesn't hurt to scout the competition or potential future Golden Knights. Why not see what the other teams are doing in their quest for NHL supremacy? It's what makes a hardcore hockey fan, well, a hockey fan. The passion never dies, after all.

Besides, there are plenty of compelling storylines happening in hockey. Which teams need to win the Stanley Cup? Which teams are exciting to watch? These are things to watch for at this time, where the action picks up with the intensity.

So that leaves Golden Knights fans in a precarious position. Some will turn off their televisions or tune out of the Stanley Cup playoffs altogether. Some will continue to watch, seeing what action and newsworthy topics will be discussed. For example...

"Did you see Jacob Trouba dive headfirst into the boards? He looked like Edge trying to deliver a spear!"


"What happened to the Edmonton Oilers last night? They blew a 3-0 lead against the Vancouver Canucks."

Such storylines make the NHL interesting this time of the year, with hockey fans staying glued to their television sets. But where does that leave Vegas Golden Knights fans? Where should their rooting interests lie (if they're still watching the Stanley Cup playoffs)? Here are three teams Golden Knights fans should be pulling for.