3 Reasons Why the NHL Should Go Back to Lake Tahoe for a Special Outdoor Game

With the 2024 Stadium Series matchup coming up, it's fun to think about which other venues can host this event. Here's why Lake Tahoe deserves consideration for an outdoor event.
NHL Outdoors At Lake Tahoe - Vegas Golden Knights v Colorado Avalanche
NHL Outdoors At Lake Tahoe - Vegas Golden Knights v Colorado Avalanche / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Look at the cover photo above. It's picturesque of simple times for many NHL players. It's at Lake Tahoe, a hodgepodge of Jeffrey pines and fir trees galore. You can hear the sockeye salmon flitting around, moving about their merry lives. It's almost perfect for an event similar to the NHL Stadium Series. It's as if Bob Ross painted happy hockey in real life with this region.

Believe it or not, Lake Tahoe has hosted an outdoor game before. With a doubleheader consisting of Colorado vs. Vegas and Boston vs. Philadelphia, the NHL brought hockey to nature's calming visuals and sounds. The event was held on February 20-21, 2021, with no spectators around due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Avalanche won their game, 3-2, while the Boston Bruins scored a touchdown in theirs, 7-3.

While the games were remembered for subpar ice conditions and a long wait time, the NHL should consider running it back with the famous American lake. That's especially true with the Stadium Series around the corner. Here are three reasons the NHL should explore returning to the pristine region. Ladies and gentlemen, get your paintbrushes out!