3 reasons why the Golden Knights should pass on Mitch Marner

Yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs superstar is linked to the Vegas Golden Knights. Here's why Vegas should pass on Mitch Marner.
Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs - Game Four
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A beloved Vegas Golden Knights player can be re-signed for cheaper

Let's explore that potential Mitch Marner deal. With the Maple Leafs forward regularly flirting with 100 points every season and his given skill set, he should get a $10 million AAV deal. With other big deals on the books, it would make signing him long-term impossible.

But another big name on the market can be had for cheaper. Obviously, that would be Jonathan Marchessault, who could re-sign for a shorter deal with a smaller AAV. How much? It would be estimated around the $6 million mark, giving Vegas more wiggle room in free agency.

For Marchessault, he might be older and smaller. However, he has an offensive niche in the Vegas Golden Knights system. He's an excellent sniper who can come in clutch with his fantastic shot. Yes, roughly $6 million per season sounds like a lot of money. But compared to a star player like Marner, it looks like a sweetheart deal.

There are also other Golden Knights to consider in the future, including Jack Eichel (current deal expires in 2026-27). The former Sabre has proven himself as a reliable playoff star, with nine goals and 24 assists in 29 career playoff games. With the prospect pool lacking, other players, including Marchessault, should take precedence for Vegas.

The quality vs. quantity debate

As mentioned in a previous post, the quality vs. quantity debate is something that sparks arguments everywhere. Should the Vegas Golden Knights get the best players possible and sacrifice depth? Or should Vegas add more forwards on cheaper deals? It's something to consider for the franchise's future.

For the Golden Knights, adding a bigger contract that must be extended would compromise the team's depth. With the aforementioned contracts added to the payroll, it might be too much for them to take on yet another superstar. That money (and draft picks) could be used to help the team, both now and in the future.

It's the classic line of "cutting your nose to spite your face," a line used in the previous post. While adding the best players sound great on the surface, it can also expose more flaws and weaknesses. Having five forwards hit free agency this summer doesn't help, with the team needing quality talent now.